How to Arrange Your Bedroom for a Good Night’s Sleep

For the most part, the most important thing you can do is sleep well to ensure that you are well prepared and focussed for the day ahead.

However, getting a good night’s sleep is sometimes easier said than done. One thing, strange as it sounds, is having a bit of a shuffle around and tidy up of your sleeping quarters. Cluttered rooms and various distractions, such as dirty laundry and wires all over the place subconsciously make the mind wander and want to organize it.

So spending a few hours reorganizing and de-cluttering can make your mind de stress. It can also spread to other areas of your home, creating a tranquil and relaxing place to enjoy.

Also loud colours such as vivid reds or yellows can distract the brain subconsciously, predominantly because harsh colour sends the brain into overdrive and can evoke varying emotion depending on the colour.

Red is classically linked to Lust, while Yellow to Gluttony, Green to Envy, Purple to Aggression, Blue to Sadness and Black to Sloth. Pure White is another very stark colour that can cause the brain to go into overdrive as the mind sees it as a blank canvas that needs to be filled.

Arranging your furniture so the room is streamlined is also a good way to help the mind unwind, this is because everything has its place, and your brain is a force of routine and habit. It is also a good idea to find storage spaces for things, for example, books being neatly stored on a dresser or bookshelf, clean clothing folded or hung up and put away, also making your bed so you are getting into nice, fresh clean sheets.

There are loads of other things you can do, such as tranquil landscape pictures, using a dimmer light bulb with a slightly pastel shade light shade. If you have wooden floors, a deep coloured rug, such as brown or cream will not only make the room feel warmer but will also break up the harshness of the colour of the wood.

The rug doesn’t have to be any specific shape of material, but something plush is always preferable. Look at hotels and how they lay out the rooms. Try and get some inspiration from this and emulate it in your own style and taste.

If you live in a studio apartment, you are best advised to maximise your storage, such as fitting shelves, fitted wardrobes, and even splitting off your kitchen area with a thick curtain, after all, the kitchen sink and cooker are hardly the most sleep inducing items!

Reducing any artificial light is also a great help, including black out curtains to stop street lights flooding in. Although a bit of an extreme measure, you could fold a flap of cardboard over your alarm clock to stop the light from disturbing your sleep, because as mentioned, fluorescent colours are known to interfere with sleep.


If all else fails for you, there is the nuclear option. Pour a glass of wine, get into bed and read with the bedside light on. By the time you’ve finished the glass, you´ll be more than ready to turn the light off and drift off into a deep and pleasant slumber.