If you have recently started working different shift patterns at work, then you may be suffering from a fully recognised medical condition known as Shift Work Sleep Disorder.

Hispanic woman sleeps at her office desk

This is a condition that due to you working often a different times of the day on different days of the week causes you to change your sleep pattern and as such you may actually find that it is difficult for you to get into a normal sleeping pattern due to the working hours you are scheduled to work.

When you are suffering from Shift Work Sleep Disorder you will find you spend most of the day and night feeling very tired and often you cannot concentrate when at work and there is a very great risk that you may find your work does suffer due to your constant tiredness.

This is often the case in the run up to Christmas that many people tend to work additional hours so that they can earn extra funds for the festive period, and if you are working lots of overtime then there is an increased chance that you will start to experience Shift Work Sleep Disorder.

Many people will try and get a nap whenever they have time to do so, however when napping and not getting a full 6 to 8 hours sleep you will often feel groggy and even more tired as the day or night progresses, and in turn that can often make your irritable.

There is however help at hand and that comes in the form of a drug known as Modafinil. That drug is safe and legal to use and it is a class of drug that promotes wakefulness in any one who takes it, which will come in very handy if you are experiencing Shift Work Sleep Disorder and bouts of tiredness.

When you start taking Modafinil you will not feel tired, and will actually be able to concentrate on your work, and it is a drug that you can actually buy online from us without the need to get a prescription from your Doctor, so you will not have to waste any of your valuable time getting an appointment to see your Doctor.

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If you are unsure whether Modafinil is going to be the perfect drug for you to take to overcome Shift Work Sleep Disorder then you may be interested in purchasing just a one month’s supply, as by doing so you can then test it out for just a month to see how you get on!